Hives or Urticaria

What is Hives or Urticaria?

Urticaria is a common condition where itchy pink or white raised areas appear anywhere on the skin. They can be small, like mosquito bites, or several inches wide. Although they may not all appear alike, hives frequently have similar symptoms. One hive or groups of hives that cover sizable portions of the body may be present on a person. On the body, hives can migrate around, they could begin in one location on the body before moving to another. Hives may disappear right away or they may persist for several weeks or months.

What is the cause of urticaria?
Hives happen when the body releases a chemical called histamine. It can be released because of allergies or other things, like stress, infections, or some illnesses.

What is the treatment of urticaria?
The illness and its symptoms can be managed with a combination of medications until they eventually go away on their own.