Mole removal

Why are moles removed?
When a mole becomes irritating, inflamed, or rubs on clothing, people may ask to have it removed for cosmetic reasons. Importantly, if the appearance of a mole changes, the mole should be examined by a dermatologist, surgically excised, and sent for testing (histology) to rule out any alarming changes. 

How can a mole be removed?
There are different methods to remove a mole depending on the history and appearance. 

  1. i) Shave excision – This straightforward technique, which can be carried out under local anaesthetic, is used to remove moles that sit prominently on the skin.
  2. ii) Excision – suitable for flat moles, particularly if they are changing and need to be examined. The mole will be removed under local anaesthetic.

iii) Laser – While not appropriate for all moles, it can be used on those that don’t change and appear benign. 

Therefore a consultation with a dermatologist is essential to evaluate your mole(s) and discuss the suitable treatment option. 

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