• People get liposuction to improve the shape or contours of their body.
  • They want to remove excess fat from areas such as the thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, arms, neck, or back.
  • Usually, they’ve tried diet and exercise and can’t get rid of these fat deposits. Liposuction isn’t a weight loss treatment.


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At MCC we offer Vaser Lipo which is a high technology form of liposuction where ultrasound waves are used to assist with the breakdown of fat before its aspiration. It results in less pain and bruising and you go home the same day.

Liposuction is a surgical technique to reduce unwanted deposits of fat from specific areas of the body. This is not a substitute for weight reduction, but a method for reducing localized deposits of fatty tissue that do not respond to diet or exercise. Liposuction may be performed as a primary procedure for body contouring or may be combined with other surgical techniques such as facelift, abdominoplasty, or thigh lift. It is also used to harvest fat grafting to other areas.

The best candidates for liposuction are individuals of relatively normal weight who have excess fat deposits in particular body areas. Having firm, elastic skin will result in a better final contour after liposuction. Loose, inelastic skin may not reshape itself and shrink to the new contours and may require additional surgical techniques to remove and tighten excess skin. Body -contour irregularities due to structures other than fat cannot be improved by this technique. An example of this would be a bulge in the abdominal wall muscles which liposuction will not improve. Liposuction itself will not improve areas of dimpled skin known as “cellulite”, and liposuction is not an effective treatment for loose skin or stretched out abdominal muscles.

Suction-assisted lipectomy surgery is performed by using a hollow metal blunt tube known as a cannula that is inserted through small skin incision(s) and is passed through the area of fatty deposit. The cannula is attached to a vacuum source, which provides the suction needed to remove some of the fatty tissue with each pass of the cannula. This creates tunnels in the fat that over the course of months will eventually collapse in, shrinking the fatty bulge. Liposuction reduces the subcutaneous fat but does not remove all of it.

There are a variety of different techniques used by plastic surgeons for liposuction and it may be performed under local or general anaesthesia. Tumescent liposuction technique involves the infiltration of fluid containing dilute local anaesthetic and epinephrine into areas of fatty deposits. This technique can reduce discomfort at the time of surgery, as well as reduce post-operative bruising. This fluid, mixed with some blood, will frequently drain out of the incision the first 8-12 hours after liposuction. Purchase a few disposable absorbing pads to use at home.

Support garments are worn after liposuction to control swelling and reshape the treated area. We ask that the garment be worn 4 weeks total. It may take 6 months to achieve a stabilized result. The garments will be provided to you by the Hospital.

Alternative forms of management consist of not treating the areas of fatty deposits. Diet and exercise regimens may be of benefit in the overall reduction of excess body fat, but usually do not help selectively reduce isolated fat deposits. Non-surgical reduction of fat is possible but sculpting is difficult with these methods and results are generally not as pronounced and slow to appear.

It is important to choose a surgeon who is well-experienced and is a member of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) for your liposuction surgery.

At MCC, we would always do everything we could to give you the best possible outcome.

The cost of an Liposuction

Price starting from

Liposuction 1 area/Small £2,500.00
Liposuction 2 areas/medium £3,500.00
Liposuction 3 areas/Large £4,250.00

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Disclaimer Note:

Pricing may vary depending on the consultation with our Surgeon and may vary depending on the body type and individual requirement.

Liposuction Surgeons

Our team will consult you on multiple occasions prior to your surgery or treatment. They will also check on your recovery progress following your surgery in the follow-up consultations to ensure we achieve optimum results.

Liposuction is not a method which should be used to lose weight. Other methods such as exercise and dieting are more appropriate. Advice from a dietician maybe useful. If after going through these, you have areas of excess fat which is disproportionate to your body then liposuction maybe suitable for you.

Liposuction is useful for removing excess deposits of fat within a localised area and does not address cellulite.

Liposuction is useful for removing excess deposits of fat within a localised area and does not address striae or stretched marks.

Depending on your job and the extent of your surgery you maybe able to return to work within 7 – 14 days.

It is possible to re-accumulate excess fat in the future depending on whether you gain weight or your lifestyle.

For the safety of our patients, our surgical procedures are performed in a CQC registered hospital. At the time of your consultation and the surgeon will be more than happy to answer questions.