Gynaecomastia surgery is a procedure to remove excess fat, glandular tissue and/or skin from overdeveloped or enlarged male breasts.


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What is Gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia may result from hormonal changes, heredity, disease, or the use of certain drugs, and can present unilaterally (one breast) or bilaterally (both breasts).

There are a variety of different techniques used by plastic surgeons to treat gynecomastia. There is often a more solid breast tissue under the areola that may require excision and biopsy as well as additional fatty tissue around the chest often better removed with liposuction techniques such as VASER Liposuction or conventional liposuction.

Who will benefit from gynaecomastia?

Patients should be evaluated as candidates for gynecomastia removal after puberty. In adolescence, your body is still growing and going through hormonal changes. Even adult men who feel self-conscious about excess breast tissue should hold off on gynecomastia surgery until they’re at a consistent weight, since gaining or losing weight can affect surgical results. To get the best results and maximize safety, it’s recommended that you be at a body mass index (BMI) of between 19 and 25.

The cost of an Gynaecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)

Price starting from

Gynaecomastia + Excision From £5,000
Gynaecomastia + Excision + Liposuction From £5,500
Gynaecomastia + Liposuction From £4,600

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Disclaimer Note:

Pricing may vary depending on the consultation with our Surgeon and may vary depending on the body type and individual requirement.

Gynaecomastia (Male Breast Reduction) Surgeons

Our team will consult you on multiple occasions prior to your surgery or treatment. They will also check on your recovery progress following your surgery in the follow-up consultations to ensure we achieve optimum results.

Enlarged or puffy nipples and areola will often shrink during the healing process, after the glandular tissue has been removed.

You’ll see a difference in your pecs right away, but it will take a few days after your surgery for the initial swelling to go down. Your new look won’t be fully apparent for four to six weeks

Gynecomastia surgery results should be permanent, as long as you maintain a stable weight. You'll also need to ensure that you've addressed any underlying causes, such as a hormonal imbalance. Our skin does lose some elasticity as we get older, so you may find that your pecs are less taut over time, due to the natural aging process.

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