The laser delivers light that creates many tiny holes in the surface of the skin. The laser only targets a small Portion of the skin leaving most of the skin intact. The untreated healthy skin that surrounds the vaporised tissue stimulates accelerated collagen product and promotes skin healing.

What skin conditions can CO2 help?
The CO2 is suitable for both men and women and can improve the appearance of the skin by:

  • Significantly reducing lines and wrinkles
  • Tightening and firming the skin
  • Stimulating new collagen production
  • Correcting sun damaged skin
  • Producing an even skin tone
  • Improving the appearance of acne scars

How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments required is dependent upon the depth of treatment. A Deep Laser Peel delivers the greatest improvement for lines and wrinkles; skin elasticity and acne scars require the fewest treatments. However, the downtime post treatment is longer. Typically, only 1-2 sessions are required with repeat treatment at six months for further improvement. A Soft Laser Peel does not have such a long downtime but repeat sessions are more likely. Usually, 2-3 sessions are required at 3-4 monthly intervals.

How long does treatment take?
It takes about 30 minutes to treat the full face. However, some pre and post treatment care is required, and you will need to be at the clinic for about 2 hours.

Does it hurt?
Treatment sensation varies from individual. You can expect a slight ‘stinging’ sensation, but most people find it quite tolerable. To increase your comfort, we apply a topical anaesthetic prior to treatment.

What should I expect after the treatment?
After your CO2 treatment you need to be prepared for some downtime. Immediately after the procedure your skin will be red, and you are likely to feel as though you have bad sunburn. It is also normal to experience swelling, particularly around the eyes. Swelling is present for 24-48 hours post treatment. For the first few days following treatment your skin will form a ‘micro-crust’ and have a bronzed appearance. The skin will also feel quite tight, and it is important that your skin does not dry out (using Vaseline will help to avoid this). The length of downtime will vary depending upon the density and depth of the treatment. This could be between 4 – 14 days. We will carefully discuss your treatment goals and expected downtime during a consultation.

When will results be visible?
You will notice benefits within 7 days of treatment. Some erythema (redness) may remain, but the skin will be visibly improved. The laser stimulates production of collagen so you will experience progressive benefits for at least six months post treatment. The new collagen will promote skin tightening and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Is CO2 safe?
CO2 offers significant improvement to the skin. With any laser procedure there are risks. However, we take steps to minimise any chance of an adverse reaction. Prior to treatment we will:

  • Take your medical history, examine your skin, and discuss your treatment aims.
  • Prescribe medications to prevent complications.
  • Provide detailed after care instructions.
  • Schedule a follow up within 2-3 days of your treatment

What should I do if I am concerned?
We will schedule a follow up appointment 2-3 days after your treatment. However, should you have any concerns prior to your allotted date please do not hesitate to contact the clinic.


  • Expert surgeons, see our before and after results here.
  • Dedicated care with your expert surgeon and nursing team, and a 24 hour help line.
  • Peace of mind with our personal three-year aftercare programs.
  • We have state of the art hospital facilities.
  • We assure our medical team will discuss and plan any treatments with you in detail
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    Our team will consult you on multiple occasions prior to your surgery or treatment.They will also check on your recovery progress following your surgery in the follow-up consultations to ensure we achieve optimum results.


    Our team will consult you on multiple occasions prior to your surgery or treatment.They will also check on your recovery progress following your surgery in the follow-up consultations to ensure we achieve optimum results. We take photos throughout your journey with us as part of your medical records, with your consent, to ensure we are able to show you the satisfactory outcome and to show the difference in appearance. We provide the same high level of professional care for all of our patients.


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    We will go through your medical history and address any concerns and questions that you may have and discuss the risks and benefits of the treatment options with you.

    Post-Treatment care

    We will provide you with aftercare instructions. Please refer to this for guidance. You will most likely wish to arrange for a few days off work. It is best not to apply make-up for a few days. It is also important to avoid prolonged sun exposure and apply minimum an SPF 50 such everyday whatever the weather.


    Our consultations take place at My Cosmetic Clinic, 77-79 Chapel Street, Manchester, M3 5BZ.
    During the consultation, we will explore your concerns and the impact they may or may not be having on you. We will discuss the background to these concerns and any relevant past medical history.

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