Dr. Nadia Abuhussein

Qualified general practitioner (GP)


Dr. Nadia Abuhussein is a qualified general practitioner (GP) with a deep-seated passion for dermatology and minor surgical procedures, particularly in the realm of aesthetics. Holding membership in the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), her extensive medical background and dedication to patient care make her a standout professional in the field.

Within the National Health Service (NHS), Dr. Abuhussein serves as a General Practitioner, lending her expertise to the broader medical community. Her journey into the world of aesthetics commenced in 2019, marking a significant addition to her already impressive medical career. Her academic qualifications trace back to her graduation from Peninsula Medical School in the UK in 2016.

Subsequently, Dr. Abuhussein embarked on her foundation training while simultaneously pursuing a Masters degree in Surgical Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. Before commencing her General Practitioner training, she held a prominent position as a clinical fellow in Burns and Plastic surgery at Wythenshawe Hospital and Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. This valuable experience honed her surgical skills and deepened her understanding of medical procedures.

Dr. Abuhussein’s commitment to excellence in aesthetics and dermatology is underpinned by her continuous pursuit of knowledge. She has actively participated in various specialized courses covering aesthetics, dermatology, and surgical techniques. Notably, she has obtained qualifications in cosmetic dermatology and achieved a Masters-level certification in injectables, a testament to her dedication to staying at the forefront of her field, through education and practical experience, which she gained from Harley Academy.

Above all, Dr. Nadia Abuhussein is driven by her unwavering passion for skin rejuvenation and enhancing natural beauty. Her approach is deeply patient-centric, tailoring treatments to each individual’s unique needs. She firmly believes in a holistic and safe approach to address her patients’ skin concerns, striving for nothing less than optimal results while prioritizing their overall well-being. Dr. Abuhussein’s ethos is grounded in delivering aesthetic treatments that not only enhance appearance but also boost confidence, offering her patients a pathway to their best selves.


Aesthetic Doctor, General Practitioner with interest in dermatology and minor surgery

Key interests

Facial aesthetics, skin rejuvenation, cosmetic dermatology, minor surgery


  • MBBS
  • MScEdin
  • PGDipAes (VTCT)
  • Member of Royal College of General Practitioners

Appointments available for

  • Non-surgical facial aesthetics 
  • Cosmetic dermatology 
  • Skin rejuvenation 

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Tel: 0161 989 1234