What to Expect with Inverted Nipple Surgery? 

Nipple surgery, despite being a common issue, has been often left unspoken. Inverted nipples can cause a lot of anxiety and insecurity but here comes the good news – Inverted nipple surgery is a relatively simple cosmetic procedure that can help you regain confidence and feel comfortable in your own skin.  

In this article, we will explore what inverted nipples are, what causes them, and how nipple correction surgery can fix them. So, let us get started! 

What are Inverted Nipples? 

Inverted nipples are a condition where the nipples are turned inwards, instead of protruding outwards. Both men and women are prone to this condition with either or both nipples. In some cases, this condition is temporary and the nipples return to normal after a few days but for few others, it could be a permanent one. 

In most cases, it is not a serious medical condition. You usually do not need to worry, if born with inverted nipples. However, you should definitely have them corrected if they bother you aesthetically. But if you feel your nips are suddenly pulling inward; you should consult your healthcare provider since this could also indicate certain medical complications. 

What causes Inverted Nipples? 

A nipple consists of two parts: the nipple and the areola. A duct connects the projected portion, known as the nipple, to the tissues beneath the breast. An inverted position occurs when there is tension within the breast, caused by tight connective tissues or ducts.  

They can be caused by the following factors: 

  • Genetics (Congenital Inversion) 
  • Aging 
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding 
  • Carcinoma (Breast Cancer) 
  • Mastitis 
  • Mammary duct ectasia 

However, if nipple inversion is observed, the entire breast should be examined carefully because it could be a sign of underlying cancer. 

3 levels of nipple inversion: 

Nipple inversions can be classified into 3 types. Here is a brief overview of the 3 levels: 

Level 1: It is the mildest form of inverted nipples. While nipples appear flat, they usually respond to touch and temperature changes and get everted for a short period of time.  

Level 2: In this phase, Nipples appear more inverted than in level 1. Although the inverted nipples may still become everted when stimulated, they typically return to their inverted position immediately. However, it is still possible to breastfeed but with a lower impedance. 

Level 3: This is the most severe type of inverted nipples. They remain inverted at all times and usually do not respond to any stimulation. The nipple area may be infected, irritated or bruised, which makes breastfeeding quite challenging. 

However, depending on the degree of inversion and the underlying cause, a corrective treatment or cosmetic surgery may be recommended. 

Benefits of Inverted Nipple surgery: 

 Inverted nipple surgery is a relatively simple procedure that can be performed under local anaesthesia. The surgery involves making a small incision in the nipple and releasing the tissues that are causing the nipple to be inverted.  

The benefits of this surgery include the improved appearance of the nipple, improved ability to breastfeed and enhanced self-confidence. This surgery can also help to reduce embarrassment and insecurity associated with inverted nipples. 

The results of this surgery are typically long-lasting and patients can expect to see an improvement in the overall appearance of their breasts and nipples. 

Who is an ideal candidate for Inverted Nipple Surgery? 

If you are considering inverted nipple surgery, you may be wondering if you are a good candidate for this procedure. In general, the ideal candidate for inverted nipple surgery is someone who is over 18 years of age and is not currently breastfeeding or pregnant. Additionally, it is important that you have healthy nipples and are able to undergo surgery without any major health risks.  

You may not have permanent results from corrective surgery, if you develop inverted nipples later in life. It is therefore, not recommended for young women whose breasts are not yet fully developed. If you are considering this surgery, be sure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to see if you are a good candidate. 

Why Choose My Cosmetic Clinic? 

So, finally, you are interested in getting an inverted nipple surgery. That’s great! But before you go any further, there are a few things you need to know. First, it is imperative to find a qualified surgeon who has experience performing this type of surgery.  

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