Filler Migration?

Filler Migration?

“That bump is not supposed to be on the inside of my lip,” a 23-year-old woman said in a recent video lifting her upper lip to reveal a hardened nodule underneath. “You know what that’s from? My filler.” With more than 150,000 likes and several thousand comments and shares, the video—and dozens of others like it—has made quite the impression on viewers. But more than that, the TikToks tagged #fillermigration have raised a long list of questions about the phenomenon of dermal fillers’ spreading to unintended areas of the face, leaving a noticeable bump or series of bumps behind.

It turns out that filler migration is, in fact, not nearly as common—or as big a deal—as it seems on the social media platform. Read on to find out exactly what filler migration is, when and why it occurs, and how to correct it.

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