Eyelid Lift Surgery in Manchester 

Eyelid Lift Surgery in Manchester 

Get Younger-Looking Eyes with Eyelid Lift Surgery in Manchester 

Are you feeling self-conscious about your eyelids? Do people constantly tell you that you look tired or worn out? Saggy, droopy eyelids not only make you look older but uncomfortable and tired as well. If you want to rejuvenate the youthful appearance of your eyes, then My Cosmetic Clinic can help you with Eyelid Lift Surgery in Manchester.  

If you’re looking for a way to help combat the signs of ageing around your eyes, then this article is just for you! Find out how an affordable, effective Eyelift Surgery can make all the difference in how you look and feel. 

What is Eyelid Surgery? 

The signs of ageing are inevitable. Maybe you think that you can mask some of the signs with makeup and wardrobe choices to feel comfortable in your social life, but the question is, how do you personally feel when you look at your own natural eyes without any form of concealing or hiding in the mirror? It’s hard to argue with the fact that drooping eyelids can take years off your appearance. Many people are turning to Eyelid Lift Surgery as a way to regain their youthful appearance, no wonder this procedure has become so popular.   

Eyelid Surgery, also known as ‘blepharoplasty’, is a surgical cosmetic procedure that can help you with your droopy or sagging eyelids by removing excess skin and fat from around your eyes, leaving you with a more refreshed look. 

Why is Eyelift Surgery worth considering?  

While it is normal to have a little extra skin under your eyes as you get older, if you are experiencing sagging that impacts your self-confidence or ability to socialise and work, eyelid lift surgery might be right for you! 

Your eyelids stretch as you age, and the muscles that support them weaken gradually. Consequently, excess fat may accumulate around your eyelids, resulting in droopy eyelids and puffy bags under your eyes.  

Beyond cosmetic concerns, droopy eyelids can also cause other problems such as blurred vision, dry eyes, and difficulty opening your eyes fully. All these problems can be fixed with eyelift surgery. So, if you’re bothered by how, you look in photos or just want to look more refreshed when you wake up in the morning, Blepharoplasty could be just what you need. 

How it is done? 

During the procedure, the surgeon will work on your upper or lower eyelids by making small incisions on each side of your eyelids. The muscle that pulls your eyelids down will be cut to release the tension on the skin underneath. Afterwards, excess skin and fat are removed to reveal a more youthful appearance. 

Different types of Eyelid Surgery: 

Would you like to know which of the different types of eyelid surgery is best for you? Let’s discuss the three main types of Eyelid surgery and how they can benefit you. 

Upper Eyelid Surgery:  The upper eyelids are the area above your pupil. They can droop or sag with age or due to weight gain. Upper eyelid surgery helps lift your upper lids back up so they don’t droop down over your eyes anymore. 

Lower Eyelid Surgery: The lower eyelids are the area below your pupil that may appear puffy or swollen due to ageing or being overweight. Lower eyelid surgery can help remove excess fat from around your eyes so they look less swollen and more youthful. It also helps remove excess skin so you look younger than your age. 

Double Eyelid Surgery: A double eyelid surgery is a fold of skin on your upper eyelids that gives them a more defined appearance by creating a crease similar to Asian eyes. Double eyelid surgery creates this crease using incisions along either side of your lash line to create an open space between skin folds making your eyes appear larger and brighter. 

If you’re considering Eyelid Surgery, consider your options before going under the knife by consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon. 

How can My Cosmetic Clinic help you? 

My Cosmetic Clinic is a leading cosmetic clinic in Manchester, offering a wide range of aesthetic treatments. Our  Dr Deemesh Oudit  at MCC is a fully qualified plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgeon specialising in a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures. He is a highly experienced surgeon who has performed thousands of eyelid liftsface lifts and other procedures to help patients achieve the look they want. 

Some patients also choose to undergo Forehead Lift Surgery to reduce wrinkles on their forehead, giving them a more youthful appearance. No matter what procedure you undergo to get rid of your sagging eyelids, our team at MCC can ensure that you’re happy with your results. 

Don’t let your tired-looking eyes make you look older. Wake up looking refreshed and renewed. Schedule a quick consultation   to see what we can do for you or give us a call on 0161 989 1234 for further information. 

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