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The dangers of medical tourism

What are the dangers of being medically treated abroad? It is very important to realise that the medical standards are different in other countries and that the quality of treatment may vary.  There are well-documented risks associated with receiving medical treatment abroad, including:  Infection control issues Language barriers  Inadequate follow-up  Access to proper aftercare  The …


Filler Migration?

“That bump is not supposed to be on the inside of my lip,” a 23-year-old woman said in a recent video lifting her upper lip to reveal a hardened nodule underneath. “You know what that’s from? My filler.” With more than 150,000 likes and several thousand comments and shares, the video—and dozens of others like …

Year of the Neck

Why 2021 Will Be the Year of the Neck

The “Zoom boom” is real: nonstop video calls have led to an increased demand for all kinds of aesthetic treatments, from fillers and Botox to skin tightening and blepharoplasty to an array of neck-focused tweaks. “The neck is an increased area of interest for many people because of the angles on Zoom,” explains Dr. Jennifer …