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facelift surgery in manchester

Facelift Surgery in Manchester

Lift yourself up with Facelift Surgery in Manchester   Are you unhappy with the wrinkles and sagging skin that make you look older than your age? Do you want to look not just younger, but also feel more Vibrant? If your answer is yes, then My Cosmetic Clinic can help you with the best Facelift […]

What are the dangers of being medically treated abroad?

It is very important to realise that the medical standards are different in other countries and that the quality of treatment may vary.  There are well-documented risks associated with receiving medical treatment abroad, including:  Infection control issues Language barriers  Inadequate follow-up  Access to proper aftercare  The further you travel from your home country, the greater […]

plastic surgeons in manchester

Looking for the Best Plastic Surgeons in Manchester for your cosmetic needs?

Looking for the Best Plastic Surgeons in Manchester for your cosmetic needs?  Are you looking for the best plastic surgeons in Manchester? If so, you have landed at the right place.   At MCC, we have a team of highly experienced Plastic Surgeons who have performed thousands of surgeries and are ranked among the top surgeons […]

Are my nose goals achievable with Rhinoplasty? 

Are you concerned about the shape of your nose? If so, rhinoplasty can correct your deformities and enhance the aesthetic appearance of the nose.  At My Cosmetic Clinic, we offer a wide range of rhinoplasty procedures to address your unique needs and give you a stunning new look that works for you.  Read on to […]

Deformed Ears in need of Otoplasty?

Did you know that as many as 20% of all U.K men and women are dissatisfied with the size or shape of one or both ears? My cosmetic clinic specializes in Otoplasty, which can help you achieve the ears you’ve always wanted. The ear is an important part of our facial anatomy and it can […]

Would a Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery be the best decision?

Are you considering Mini tummy tuck surgery? If so, then it would be the right decision for you to stop wondering about the perfect clinic for the same. At My Cosmetic Clinic, we provide only safe and quality-based Mini tummy tuck surgeries that can help you enjoy a youthful-looking body and a flatter tummy. The […]


Filler Migration?

“That bump is not supposed to be on the inside of my lip,” a 23-year-old woman said in a recent video lifting her upper lip to reveal a hardened nodule underneath. “You know what that’s from? My filler.” With more than 150,000 likes and several thousand comments and shares, the video—and dozens of others like […]

Year of the Neck

Why 2021 Will Be the Year of the Neck

The “Zoom boom” is real: nonstop video calls have led to an increased demand for all kinds of aesthetic treatments, from fillers and Botox to skin tightening and blepharoplasty to an array of neck-focused tweaks. “The neck is an increased area of interest for many people because of the angles on Zoom,” explains Dr. Jennifer […]

Vampire Facial

Behind the before & after

The world of beauty extends far past luxe facials and red carpet skin treatments. In fact, high-powered skincare usually isn’t very glamorous at all, sometimes even bordering on downright creepy. So in the spirit of Halloween, we rounded up the cosmetic treatments that sound like they’re straight out of a horror movie. Here, doctors break […]