How to speed up your recovery after Breast Augmentation? 

You have just got your breast implants. You are excited and you cannot wait to show off your new found confidence! But wait, your surgeon will also give you a list of post-surgery instructions that you need to follow carefully to ensure a successful recovery, following your surgery. While breast augmentation can give you the results you desire, the recovery process can be quite challenging as well.  

The timeline for your recovery, depends on how diligently you would follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions to ensure a safe and speedy recovery. Failure to do so can cause delays, which can adversely affect your overall healing time. In this blog post, come and learn how to speed up your recovery to avoid any potential pitfalls! 

Tips for faster recovery after breast enhancement surgery: 

Having breast augmentation surgery can be an exciting and life-changing experience! However, your recovery after breast enlargement surgery is just as important as the surgery itself. Here are few tips to help you recover quickly and safely: 

Wear compression garments post-surgery: You should wear a compression bra for 3 months following surgery. This plays a vital role in the healing process as the bra provides firm support whilst your body is healing internally and reduces the risk of hematoma formation around the implant. 

Manage your constipation: Taking pain relievers that contain codeine can make you constipated and bloated; so, dis continue taking them as soon as you do not need them. Increasing your water intake, walking and eating dried fruits or prunes can help relieve your constipation. If you experience persistent constipation, speak with your surgeon as it can impede your recovery. 

Do not sleep on your stomach: After any surgery, resting is essential but how you rest can also have a major impact. You should sleep on your back supported with pillows for the first 1-2 weeks after surgery. While sleeping, keep your upper body elevated to reduce swelling. By doing so, fluid build-up will be minimized and circulation will be enhanced. 

You should not sleep on your side or stomach, since it may put pressure on your implants, adversely affecting the results. 

Keep your dressing dry: It is important to keep the dressings completely dry for the first week after surgery. You may sit in a shallow bath of water to have a wash but you must not get the dressing wet as this could lead to poor healing and increase the risk of infection. Wet wipes can be useful during this time. 

Do not Strain yourself: It is important not to lift or stretch your arms above your head after surgery for 2 weeks. Driving should be avoided for the first 1-2 weeks after your surgery. Also, avoid high-intensity exercises for at least 6-8 weeks following surgery. 

No Smoking: It is important to avoid smoking for at least 3 months after surgery. Smoking can interfere with the healing process and can increase the risk of complications. If you are a smoker, quitting smoking before surgery is the best thing you can do for your health. If you find it hard to refrain from smoking, talk to your surgeon for various other ways to quit smoking. 

Avoid Sun Exposure: It is vital to avoid sunlight or sunbed during the first few weeks of your surgery. This is because, when you are in the early stages of recovery, you may not be able to protect your incisions from UV exposure and could end up with a deeper scar. So, it is important to avoid extended sun exposure, for at least the first few weeks following your breast enlargement surgery. 

Eat Healthy food: One of the best things, you can do for your recovery after breast Augmentation is to eat healthy foods. This will help your body heal and recover more quickly. Ensure that you are getting enough protein since it is important for healing and rebuilding your tissue.  

Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. It is also important to stay away from processed foods and sugary drinks as they can impede the healing process. 

When to call for an emergency? 

In case of a medical emergency, the following symptoms should be observed. Call 999 if you experience any of these symptoms: 

  • Shortness of breath 
  • Sudden chest pain 
  • Sudden bleeding  
  • Spike in body temperature 
  • Signs of DVT such as calf pain and swelling 

Overall, breast augmentation is a great way to improve your confidence and your overall appearance. However, it is important to follow all the proper recovery tips to ensure a smooth and healthy recovery process. By following these tips, you can ensure that you will be back to your routine activities in no time! 

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